Nov 292012

Why I think it’s time to withdraw, build, and prepare.

When I was growing up, my parents gave me a choice. I could go to church if I wanted to. I did not want to. I was a child, and of course, sitting in pews for hours listening to some old guy was just, well, boring.

I experimented in my early teens – went to a few churches with friends – and never felt anything. Anything at all. I never really expected to; I just wanted to know why everyone ELSE seemed to believe these fairy tales and take comfort in them. To me, I could see they were stories meant to tell a lesson; nothing more, nothing less, and there is no magic in the world. Including this God feller.

I did learn, however – to keep my mouth shut. You know, after you innocently state you don’t believe in God, and you get your arse beat in by some christian kids who want to  ’learn you a lesson’ – you start to realize how insane these people are, and what lengths they will go to in their madness.

Since then, I’ve kept my mouth mostly shut, unless amongst those I can trust.  All religious people are mentally ill, and there is not much we can do about that. In this Society. So I started to dream of a place… a place with no religion. None. Oh, it’s all fine and good if you believe something, but the instant you start to spread it; that’s when we’ll put you back on the boat, and get you back to your society. Don’t worry; there’ll be no bullets in the head, even though I know how much you religious people love that. Just a simple exile back to your mentally ill society.

I believe it is time for us to separate; I believe war is coming. I believe we’re going to be the new witches in this new inquisition. Even when a religious person don’t have the balls to just kill someone for their beliefs, what they can do, and they will do, and they do do… is quite simple. They use their numbers, they use their violence, or they use their connections. Want that job? Not if you’re the known atheist in the room. Want to be President? Not if you’re an atheist. They use their numbers to control the world, and perpetuate their mental illness, and I, personally, have had enough.

I’m going to use all of my income, and any income I can generate, to create a series of safe-houses, as it were. A set of self-sustaining, secure facilities, where Atheists can retreat from the world, and gather our strength. Even if I only manage to get my hands on one remote property before I die; if I can develop it, and open it to my atheist friends, and give us a safe place from the storm, I’m going to do it. Some of these will be as simple as private lounges in major cities, where we can gather, or just go for a cup of coffee in a rational environment. Some will be as complex as completely secure facilities locked away from the world, where our servers, and our people, will have a safe place to fight the battle.

I believe a society of rational, intelligent people can easily break itself off from its host, when its host is itself a disgusting parasite, that we want nothing to do with.

Displaying mental illness? Not on my land, but thanks for coming out.

I know, I know – I’m crazy. I’ll never do it. Or will I?

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