May 262013

So we’ve been playing with Bitcoins here and there over the last little while, and while we’re not fully convinced it will be the currency of the future, it has totally been adopted enough that it has become a useful tool.

What do we mean?

All you’d have to do is download a simple Bitcoin Miner, put in the credentials, and let your computers graphics card work towards your donation while you’re out doing your real life stuff.

There’s a few choices for miners; we’re currently trying out bfgminer - download it, run it, and an old school DOS window will open up… it will ask you for the server URL first…


Then it will ask for your username and password:

USERNAME: sinseer.atheist

PASSWORD: atheist

And that is pretty much it! On most of our fairly new-ish computers, it causes no slowdowns – except if you’re playing video games. So turn it off for those! There’s also a few other bitcoin miners to choose from; if we find any that are significantly better than this simple solution, we’ll give them a shout-out later!

Thanks for donating some brains to our project, if you can! If there is a lot of interest in this, we’ll probably just form our own mining pool – but for now, this was a quick easy way to get our feet wet, and we are trying it out at the same time as you!

We’ll post some numbers if we get any interest later, too!

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