Become a Citizen


Become a Citizen of New Canada!

An Atheistic Outpost devoted to environmentally friendly science and research, while preserving our right to a freedom from religion.

  • All Citizens are entitled to a portion of the profits of the Country – 1 share.
  • All citizens will be responsible for a minimum daily requirement of work for the country. Your suitability will be assessed, and a task assigned to you. If your goal is not met, your share will go into the Councils shared funds for the month.
  • Any Citizen who ‘invents’ himself out of a job will immediately be eligible for 1 bonus share for life. A person may claim this prize more than once, and gain an additional share each time..
  • All other citizens displaced by the above invention or innovation will always be eligible for the 1 share per life minimum.
  • All Council Members (including the King) will be eligible for 2 shares (including the 1 share for being a citizen).
  • The Council shall have at its disposal 1 share per citizen, used to maintain, enhance and expand the Union as a whole.

By Joining you will receive:

  • A certificate of Citizenship with New Canada
  • A Citizen Identification Number to be used with all New Canada government systems.
  • Membership to our Citizens-Only Newsletter, for future communications
  • A share in the system.

In the future, you will receive:

  • Food and Shelter at any of our Secure Outposts

At this time, we are only giving Citizenship to VERY interested parties. Tell us why you should get it with the “Contact Us” ¬†button above.

You may also claim Citizenship with a significant donation of Land or Resources.

Shares will be paid out monthly, at this time – with expanded operations and citizens, this will increase to weekly.

Current Citizens: 5

Current Council Members: 3

Council Shares: 5

Total Shares: 13

All Future Citizens will be added to this list! Get in early, while we can still argue about what to name stuff! I’ll make you part of history, baby!