Bitcoin Donations


We are now accepting donations for the revolution using Bitcoin.

You can send any bitcoins you don’t need to:


Thank you very much for considering a donation towards a better world!

 How to get Bitcoins to Donate (Canada)

  1. Sign up for cavirtex -
  2. Looks like you can skip verification at cavirtex if you’d like to donate in cash  - head to any Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, or Scotiabank in Canada -
  3. The funds then get translated into bitcoins in your cavirtex account, which you can then transfer to the bitcoin address above using the ‘Withdraw” feature in your cavirtex account!

How to earn Free Bitcoins

  1. You’ll need a wallet – either an online one, or by downloading the software.
  2. You will then be able to create bitcoin addresses to use to visit the free offers on our Bitcoin Resources page.

Where else can you use Bitcoins?

See our Bitcoin Resources page!