May 262013

So we’ve been playing with Bitcoins here and there over the last little while, and while we’re not fully convinced it will be the currency of the future, it has totally been adopted enough that it has become a useful tool.

What do we mean?

All you’d have to do is download a simple Bitcoin Miner, put in the credentials, and let your computers graphics card work towards your donation while you’re out doing your real life stuff.

There’s a few choices for miners; we’re currently trying out bfgminer - download it, run it, and an old school DOS window will open up… it will ask you for the server URL first…


Then it will ask for your username and password:

USERNAME: sinseer.atheist

PASSWORD: atheist

And that is pretty much it! On most of our fairly new-ish computers, it causes no slowdowns – except if you’re playing video games. So turn it off for those! There’s also a few other bitcoin miners to choose from; if we find any that are significantly better than this simple solution, we’ll give them a shout-out later!

Thanks for donating some brains to our project, if you can! If there is a lot of interest in this, we’ll probably just form our own mining pool – but for now, this was a quick easy way to get our feet wet, and we are trying it out at the same time as you!

We’ll post some numbers if we get any interest later, too!

Jan 192013

Good day, everyone!

First off, I wanted to thank you all for your support. It’s really appreciated! Thank you especially for the Bitcoin Donations, they are much appreciated, and will hasten our plans.

A quick status update from the last month – We were able to recruit this month, as well as purchase some of the equipment we’ll be needing. I don’t want to get into too many details quite just yet, but the equipment was mostly electronic and computer equipment!

We’ll be continuing with the next stage of our plans, right on schedule! The next steps, however, are quite big steps, and will require us to collect a lot more of income towards the project. Seriously, we’re talking thousands of dollars here; not quite small potatoes, but we need to start with land and vehicles, neither of which we have. We’ll keep you posted on our progress, but please, wish us luck!

Dec 162012

The Freedom of Thought 2012 – A Global Report on Discrimination against Humanists, Atheists, and the Nonreligious was just released recently…

It found that atheists can be executed for their views in Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

Therefore, until such policy is changed, the Citizens of New Canada and the Atheist Society will not allow any citizen of those countries to step foot on our land. You are banished, and forever unwelcome on our Lands. We consider you Terrorists, and welcome the day when you will be removed from the Earth. We will support any government that overthrows any other government that has embraced ‘Sharia Law’, or any other law based on flawed religious teachings.

We also refuse to have any economic trade with those countries, and refuse to even consider them a country. They are terrorists, lunatics, and madmen who are living on borrowed time; when their people evolve past religion and revolt, it’s going to be ugly.

You’re dead to us – just like we would be on your land.

Agree with us? Want to form a new country? Examine this site!

And in recent history:


In January 2012, Alexander Aan, an Indonesian civil servant in the province of West Sumatra, was
arrested after being attacked by a mob of Muslim militants. The mob was reacting to statements Aan
made on Facebook which criticized Islam and said he had left Islam and become an atheist. The
police charged Aan on three separate counts: insulting religion (which has a maximum sentence of
five years jail), the electronic transmission of defamatory comments (six years jail), and false
reporting on an official form (six years jail). The charges of blasphemy and defamation related to his
criticism of Islam on Facebook. The final charge claimed that his application for his civil service job
falsely stated he was Muslim when he was in fact an atheist

On June 14, 2012, a district court sentenced atheist Alexander Aan to two years and six months in
prison for “spreading information inciting religious hatred and animosity.” Aan was also reportedly
fined 100 million rupiah (US $10,600).


On February 22nd, 2007 An Egyptian court sentenced a blogger, Abdel Kareem Soliman, to four
years’ prison for insulting Islam and the president. Soliman’s trial was the first time that a blogger
had been prosecuted in Egypt. He had used his web log to criticise the country’s top Islamic
institution, al-Azhar university and President Hosni Mubarak, whom he called a dictator.

On Oct. 27, 2007, blogger Kareem Amer was sentenced for Facebook posts deemed offensive to
Islam, along with being seditious toward Hosni Mubarak. He was released on Nov. 17, 2010, upon
which he was re-detained by security forces and allegedly tortured.

On Oct. 12, 2011, a court gave Ayman Yusef Mansur, 24, a three-year prison sentence with hard
labor because he allegedly intentionally insulted the dignity of the Islamic religion with criticism on
Facebook. The court did not make available what exactly Mansur posted on Facebook to draw the

I could post more… but why ruin the fun… go read it for yourself!

Agree with us? Want to form a new country? Examine this site!

Dec 132012

That’s right! I’ve already recruited a little bit for our new society, and we’re getting ready to start.

You can take a gander at our new BECOME A CITIZEN page right here!

You may still also apply for free citizenship with the contact button at the top of the page! Be creative, and tell us what you’re really worth to us!

And so it begins….

Dec 042012

Please bear with us; I know this site can be a little slow sometimes. I’m trying to make arrangements to move to a more powerful dedicated server, but funds are a little low  for that. Once I’m managed to secure funding for a years service with a decent provider, I’ll update you all and set it up.

Thanks for having patience with us in the meantime! On another note; numerous small changes were made to the pages on this site. And I’m not going to tell you which pages got changed or updated. Take that.

Nov 292012

Why I think it’s time to withdraw, build, and prepare.

When I was growing up, my parents gave me a choice. I could go to church if I wanted to. I did not want to. I was a child, and of course, sitting in pews for hours listening to some old guy was just, well, boring.

I experimented in my early teens – went to a few churches with friends – and never felt anything. Anything at all. I never really expected to; I just wanted to know why everyone ELSE seemed to believe these fairy tales and take comfort in them. To me, I could see they were stories meant to tell a lesson; nothing more, nothing less, and there is no magic in the world. Including this God feller.

I did learn, however – to keep my mouth shut. You know, after you innocently state you don’t believe in God, and you get your arse beat in by some christian kids who want to  ’learn you a lesson’ – you start to realize how insane these people are, and what lengths they will go to in their madness.

Since then, I’ve kept my mouth mostly shut, unless amongst those I can trust.  All religious people are mentally ill, and there is not much we can do about that. In this Society. So I started to dream of a place… a place with no religion. None. Oh, it’s all fine and good if you believe something, but the instant you start to spread it; that’s when we’ll put you back on the boat, and get you back to your society. Don’t worry; there’ll be no bullets in the head, even though I know how much you religious people love that. Just a simple exile back to your mentally ill society.

I believe it is time for us to separate; I believe war is coming. I believe we’re going to be the new witches in this new inquisition. Even when a religious person don’t have the balls to just kill someone for their beliefs, what they can do, and they will do, and they do do… is quite simple. They use their numbers, they use their violence, or they use their connections. Want that job? Not if you’re the known atheist in the room. Want to be President? Not if you’re an atheist. They use their numbers to control the world, and perpetuate their mental illness, and I, personally, have had enough.

I’m going to use all of my income, and any income I can generate, to create a series of safe-houses, as it were. A set of self-sustaining, secure facilities, where Atheists can retreat from the world, and gather our strength. Even if I only manage to get my hands on one remote property before I die; if I can develop it, and open it to my atheist friends, and give us a safe place from the storm, I’m going to do it. Some of these will be as simple as private lounges in major cities, where we can gather, or just go for a cup of coffee in a rational environment. Some will be as complex as completely secure facilities locked away from the world, where our servers, and our people, will have a safe place to fight the battle.

I believe a society of rational, intelligent people can easily break itself off from its host, when its host is itself a disgusting parasite, that we want nothing to do with.

Displaying mental illness? Not on my land, but thanks for coming out.

I know, I know – I’m crazy. I’ll never do it. Or will I?