Land Requirements



Our Society has aims to own mainland property in both Canada and the United States; while we disagree with their policies, if they’re still cool with being friends, so are we. Ideally, if the project goes well, there would be world-wide locations, including small locations in many of the worlds major cities.

Click here to see some of the candidate locations we’ve been thinking about

Land Requirements for Atheist Self Sufficient Pods

  • Transportation Needs – Water access (river or ocean, must have deep water protected mooring)
  • Transportation Needs – Road access (optional)
  • Transportation Needs – Airstrip or Landing Pad for helicopter (optional)
  • Power Needs – Access to running water for water driven turbines (optional)
  • Power Needs – Cleared land for wind turbines (optional)
  • Survival Needs – Drinking Water – (Wells or other options)


Land Requirements for Urban Atheist Lounges

  • Central Locations – urban centres
  • Privacy – no window fronts, no open advertising on outside.
  • Must have multiple rooms – must have lobby before entry into other rooms (lobby, two halls for members, one for admin/office area)
  • Automated ‘airlock style’ members only locks, requires membership card to even enter lobby