We are those who demand more than lip service to a separation of church and state.

In your society, with your in-clubs of churches and the self perpetuating mental illness you call religion, we have no escape. You outnumber us, control the world, hang out with your religious friends, and ruin the world; and we grow tired of waiting for this last weakness to finally die out. If you won’t stamp it out, we have no alternative but to withdraw. You’ve left us nowhere else to go, so we’ll just have to buy as much as we can off of you, and gather our numbers.

Rendering of a very large city pod. ©2012 The Atheist Society

We will find ourselves a place to be safe. And once we do that, we’ll send our people out to recruit more. We’ll take your best and your brightest, since you seem to shun them. We’ll form ourselves our own world. You and your flawed ideals of morality, based on fairy tales, can all go to the hell you tried to create for us all. Our science will be unfettered – stem cell research, nanotechnology, cloning? We don’t believe your fairy tale should be able to dictate what we do or do not study. Tools such as the patent system which you have used to manipulate and control our world we will ignore – science belongs to the world, not the corporations. We’ll use what we learn to empower ourselves.

We don’t always HATE you, although some of our more militant members ARE entirely sick of you. We’ll even offer to try to fix you at our re-education centres, if you’d like – but to be honest, we don’t want you near us. At all. You’ve had your chance, and you failed. Our turn now. There is no room left in the world for religious madness, and we need to stamp it out.

The Atheist Society is set up to channel all donations directly to these goals; we will report on all major breakthroughs, and share a little bit of information, when we can.

Join the Society by signing up for the newsletter. Help us if you can. If you can’t donate money, consider donating time. If you’d like to contact us, use the Contact button on the top of the page.

It’s time… for a new world. And we deserve a place to be safe and to be free, just like the rest of you.