Minipod Design 1


Total Cost: 90.5K (based on maximum prices below) (cost of power system is separate depending on needs)


Minipods are based on a two stage system, the above ground and below ground portions.

Above Ground

  • Parking (Secure Garage, 2 cars) 6K-10K Example 
  • Power Generation and Communication Shed (same basic size as metal parking above) 6K-10K

Below Ground

Below ground portions are not meant to be comfortable. They’re meant to be secure, and help you survive a chemical, biological or nuclear attack. 10×50 NBC Survival Shelter (65K USD + transporation costs) Complete Shelter Includes: Shelter tank in 12 gauge corrugated steel; End plates; Entrance stubs; one 36-inch and one 48-inch diameter entrance with elbows and horizontal and vertical runs; annular bands and gaskets; two hardened blast doors; 6-inch diameter steel intake and exhaust air-vents to surface; two ladders; complete furniture grade floor system with removable center panels; AC & DC wiring system with DC light fixtures; gray water drain; blast hardened ANDAIR VA 150 air ventilation and filtration unit (177 cfm unfiltered & 88 cfm filtered) blast valves, hoses, air metering device; white paint on inside surface of shelter body; two double bunks (4 beds); two single bunks (2 beds), battery riack, 8 ft. cabinet space. Improvements to base shelter will be an additional 5-20K depending on needs. source


Power needs will be dependant on occupancy. Requirements:

  • Refrigeration
  • Cooking (microwave)
  • Lighting
  • Security Systems
  • 1 computer/pad per occupant
  • 1 “main” systems computer
  • 1 wireless station
  • emergency heating/air conditioning, depending on location

 Portable Solar Power Generators

  • **4.2 kWh/day of power generation
  • Four 235-Watt Solar Panels
  • 50 amps @ 120/240-volts
  • *Sixteen (6 V ) 400 amp-hour sealed AGM batteries
  • 38.4 kWh battery storage capacity
  • Pure sine wave.
  • Source

Extra Equipment

  • 1 Energy Efficient ‘main’ computer (2K)
  • 1 high powered wifi router (1k)


  • Chain link fence around main complex (appox 2/foot, 400 foot minimum, 400-500$)
  • Locks, smart card access, automated gate system (2k)


  • Rainwater collection units start at approximately 1k