People Requirements


The Core

You won’t get rich. Not until every one of us is rich, and our society is firmly planted, with no chance of failure. Then we’ll talk.

What you will get is your share of food, lodging, clothing, equipment and luxuries in exchange for your service. Sometimes I’ll need you for your specific skills, and sometimes I just need another strong back. You don’t get to argue. Well, you do – but you can argue from the dock, back on the mainland, as we drop you off. We probably won’t participate though, just help you on your way.  If you choose to follow us willingly, I’ll make sure we all get taken care of.

Current Council:

  • King of the World – Founder
  • Malapropos - Communications Specialist –  Head of Council Of Communications
  • Warthogg  - Power Generation / Electrical Specialist –  Head of Council of Energy


Needed Council:

  • Doctor/Nurse – Council of Medicine -Applicants: 1
  • Engineer / Structural Specialist
  • Head of Security – Applicants: 1
  • Quartermaster
  • Lawyer – Council of Law
  • Food Prep / Procurement
  • Computer / Network / Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist

The Citizens

(will need more than one of each, masses of them)

  • Computer Specialists
  • Programmers
  • Virtual Reality Specialists
  • Construction / Farm Workers (manual labour)
  • Diplomats and recruiters

Think you have what it takes? Contact us with the button above. Be creative.