Shelter Requirements


MiniPods (1-4 People)

Our absolutely smallest self-contained unit, these will be meant for very small groups. Each must have access to power, water, food, and supplies, in some way. Most of these will be very basic outdoor locations; fenced in, Satellite Internet, with portable solar power stations, or connections to turbines if there are running rivers nearby to power them.


RetreatPods (5-20 people)

A little bigger than a mini-pod, but the same basic idea. Scientific outposts studying a certain problem, or an external data centre might fall under this category. Requirements will vary, depending on usage.

UrbanPods (5-20 people)

Can be any leased, rented, or owned space. Any bar or restaurant could probably be converted into one of our lounges. These will be in major cities and high traffic areas. These will be separated into two areas; a lounge area, and a secure, hygenic capsule-style hotel system. Each capsule will have full internet access via wifi or wired connection. Forget your computer? A small pad can be rented to you for a nominal fee.


  • Liquor Licence
  • Food
  • High Speed Internet with wifi access for visitors
  • Large Screen TV’s
  • Choice of private booths in lounge, or access to common lounge area.
  • Augmented Reality Chatroom integrated with the Lounge
  • Staff: 2 (1 hotel admittance/caretaker, 1 lounge bartender/host/cook
  • 8-16 Lockable Pods rentable on a nightly basis, with access to showers, bathrooms, and lounge.
  • Secure Facility (to a reasonable extent, in an urban environment – all applicable alarms, locked doors, unlocked with ID only)

“The Island”

Oh hush. I call it that for lack of a better term, we can name it later. This is ‘home base’ so to speak.

(more info, coming soon!)