The Network


Ah, the network. My personal, favorite part of it all.

All of our pods will of course have regular internet access built into their infrastructure. That’s just common sense, for our kind of people.

On top of that, we will be building a shared network of virtual worlds; each pod will have it’s own public virtual space, and can transit to others from their own start point. While you might be spread out throughout the world, you will still have access to communication systems and contact with the outside world.

There are a number of free open source solutions for this need, and we will be heavily modifying one of them to suit our needs. None of the engines currently widely in use will support our needs – so we will have to program our own way out of this one.

Our urban atheist lounges will have access to this technology – but will also go one step further, and integrate an ‘augmented reality’ aspect. Step into one lounge, and you’ll be interacting with everyone, if you so choose. Set yourself to private, and you’re free to use the facilities to your hearts content, and you’ll have the privacy you require.

Integrating augmented reality into our lifestyle will be a long term goal of our project.